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August 9, 2004:

This site has not been updated for quite some time. In getting prepared to do some changes there have been some issues. The first issue is exreme quantities of spam. Take a look at this...

...that is NOT a fake graphic. I really had that many emails to load. Literally 99.5% of them were junk! One of the issues was that any address sent to was valid. This meant that the spamming cretins of the universe could (did) send me #@&$loads of junk to every conceivable address (e.g.,, and ALL ended up in my in-box). Just today I received over 100 spam emails! Consequenlty, the email policy has been modified and only a couple of specific addresses are now working for this site... and they are NOT listed on a mailto tag. More of the icky details will be revealed as the changes are made (there were other nasty things besides just the huge spam invasion).

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