The Traffic Signal Network

Part 1 - A Matter of Consistency!

If there is ever a doubt about people understanding traffic signals, wouldn't it help us in educating the public about them if there was some consistency in their application?

It is not the intention here to pick on any one city, county, region, or other group in particular. I think just about everyone has made some mistakes with regard to consistency within their jurisdiction. Also, there are many times we are stuck with legacy installations that there is no budget to remedy. Furthermore, standards vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Below are some example photos about left turn arrows, see what you think... you be the judge. Commentary is inlcuded at the bottom of the fullsize pictures available by double-clicking on each thumbnail.

Dual Left Turn Lane
Vertical 4-section Left Turn Head
Another Dual Left Turn Lane
Extra-Terrestrial 4-Section Head
Sign Included
Whoa Nelly!
What The...
Anyone Else Confused Yet?
Another Red-Eyed Alien With a Sign
Consistency Take 1
Consistency Take 2


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