The Traffic Signal Network

Part 2 - Various Glitches

Sometimes things aren't like we'd like them to be. Sometimes this is a problem... at other times various creative solutions are brought to bear.

Keep in mind that it is not the intention here to pick on any one city, county, region, or other group in particular. There are many times we are stuck with legacy installations that there is no budget to remedy. Furthermore, standards vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Below are some example photos, see what you think... you be the judge. Commentary is inlcuded at the bottom of the fullsize pictures available by double-clicking on each thumbnail.

Special thanks to our guest photographer for providing the photos in this part of the gallery!

Bird Problem Anyone?
8-Inch Arrow ?!?
Sign vs. Signal - Battle to the Death: Signal Loses
Double Red Arrows
Another Deadly Confrontation
Swinging Pedestrian (Head :-)
More Span-Wire Hanging Heads
Angled Intersection?
The Arrow Must Be There to Point At the Other Head to Its Left
Loose Neutral
Not Sure about This One
Sign Blocked By Signal
Poppin' Up Like Weeds


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