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Red Arrow Sample Letters

by Arthur J. Dock



We have until June 30, 2000 to let the folks who put together the MUTCD know that we want to keep the red arrows. There are other changes as well that we should be aware of and "speak now or forever hold our peace."

Below are links to a sample letter in multiple formats. Please feel free to use this letter and get it out fast!

The Sample Letter

HTML Hypertext Markup Language letter.htm
TXT Text (ASCII) letter.txt

My Personal Letter

First, let me appologize for having to use GIF format for this letter. My ISP has apparently set limits on my upload ability and I cannot send PDF or DOC files to this site at present. I've also managed to misplace the word processor file of this document so I cannot make an HTML file out of it either...

GIF Graphic Interchange Format page1.gif
GIF Graphic Interchange Format page2.gif



Special thanks to J. W. Buckholz for sending me his letter which made an excellent starting point.

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